Elitone: The new At the-Household Provider to possess Leaky Bladders

Elitone: The new At the-Household Provider to possess Leaky Bladders

For many female, leaky bladders is actually an undesirable hassle which can significantly effect every day lifestyle. Regarding restricting water intake to help you to stop loved facts, bladder leaks is constrain freedom and you will weaken confidence, but Elitone offers a radical at-family solution to help female win back manage.

Elitone ‘s the basic exterior pelvic flooring medication device designed for in-home use. Worn discreetly significantly less than gowns just for twenty minutes every single day, Elitone uses soft neuromuscular pleasure so you can tone pelvic floors body during the the main cause and relaxed overactive bladders. New low-invasive tech tackles and you will prevents kidney leaks by building upwards handle.

Once the an above-the-stop, non-treatments solution, Elitone provides obtainable recovery without expensive doctor visits otherwise drugs, and no ill effects. Sooner or later, it helps feminine up against kidney issues reclaim the life-style which have revived liberty and you may recovered self-respect.

What’s Elitone?

Elitone is the very first Food and drug administration-cleaned, over-the-stop electrical stimulation unit designed to eradicate kidney leakage in females. So it finding wearable technology is worn discreetly for the undies to deliver smooth electric signals on pelvic flooring human anatomy and you will nervousness.

Specifically designed for during the-use at home, Elitone allows feminine to include easier 20-moment medication classes in their day-after-day practices without needing a drugs otherwise doctor’s oversight.

As opposed to medication you to definitely just beat one kind of incontinence and possess an abundance of ill effects or intrusive operations, Elitone targets the root factors having fun with neuromuscular electronic stimulation. Continuar leyendo «Elitone: The new At the-Household Provider to possess Leaky Bladders»