Perfect Match is the perfect example of sexual tension at its «peak»

Perfect Match is the perfect example of sexual tension at its «peak»

This is a fairly light and angst-free rom-com, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I did find the ending (or should that be forgiving?) felt slightly rushed but over all this was a very enjoyable, easy to read and most of all fun romance.

I liked McKenna’s character, she felt very natural and real. porto-riquenho meninas tГЈo gostosas Jack, I guess, was jaded and a little arrogant but I still liked him. The book is written in the first person and from both POV’s, so I felt that I really got to understand them both. I did find it odd how McKenna wasn’t more concerned about Jack’s lack of communication following his trip to Florida. They’d been spending so much time together and she didn’t question his sudden unavailability? Hmmm.

There was the inevitable misunderstanding caused by a lack of communication, a pinch of fear and a lot of stupidity. Normally in a rom-com the angst level here really draws me in, but there was only the one moment on the boat where I really, really felt it. That isn’t to say the writing was bad, just that the book is lighter on drama and emotion. It may have been because this part was very McKenna heavy and we barely got Jack’s take on it but, even though I enjoyed it, I just had the feeling it missed a little something.

That said Perfect Match is a really good read, it takes no effort to read, it does draw you in and it is highly entertaining. It is well written, with good quality characters and a detailed plot that all add up to a worthwhile purchase and a very pleasant few hours of time.

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This was a fun and fast read, I really sped through this one. The ideas in this book are really fun. A woman with a dating app like no other that could just change the dating app game? And an investor who doesn’t believe in algorithms for love?

Let the games begin. McKenna sets out to get Jack on board as an investor for her app. Continuar leyendo «Perfect Match is the perfect example of sexual tension at its «peak»»