She found out I had sex with two others 4 months back

She found out I had sex with two others 4 months back

At the same time she discovered I flirt with two old people of my college. I played sarcasm on one of her friend asking for a night stay together. What is my position now? I begged her for one week. Now she thinks I am cheap, A flirt , A cheater.

I love her for real. I did beg her initially. If I take up this program will it help me? Should I now clear all the misconceptions she has in her head? After no contact rule(2months planned) Will she think back I am a cheat and flirt? Whom do I contact to help me?

I deal with a long distance relationship

This program works for the majority as long as you follow it and you’re honest with yourself. However, as you’re dealing with a fellow human being, at times the outcome can still be uncertain. I suggest for now, follow the plan as well as NC to give her space to calm down (as you mentioned, 2 months may be a good idea). Spend this time focusing on yourself and if you do ever get her back, prove to her with actions that you’re loyal to her alone.

As this is a long distance relationship she doesnt have to meet me

I finally made up my mind to wait. So I am sure she will read the letter ill be sending her after one and half month. I’m sure that 2nd of january shell be going to a place. Should I go there without informing her? What should I act like? How do I get her right side of the brain to work? Should things be formal? The moment I agreed I cheated on her she cried and said she still pities me. Continuar leyendo «She found out I had sex with two others 4 months back»