Push Notifications: The Key to Turning your Matches into Dates

Push Notifications: The Key to Turning your Matches into Dates

Do you have your push notifications turned on for your dating apps? If you don’t, I understand why. The average American receives 45.9 push notifications on their phone per day.

We’ve all been there. We’ve matched with someone that we’re excited to go out with. Maybe we’ve even exchanged a few messages! However, it seems like most of the time these once-promising initial messages tend to fizzle out. After one last ‘hail mary’ message with no response, we move that person to our dating app graveyard of people we’ll probably never interact with again.

Why do these conversations fizzle out or seem to not flow at all? My theory is that we’re constantly playing phone tag with our matches. We often spread out a conversation that would normally take 5 minutes in person, into something more akin to a week-long email correspondence. This is because we really don’t spend much time in our dating apps on a daily basis, and more often than not, that 30 minutes that you spend on a dating app does not sync up with your match’s time online.

They may be annoying, but I’m here to tell you that they can also be the key to actually connecting with your online dating matches

This problem is exacerbated with antiquated dating advice that tells you to “make them wait” “play hard to get” and “don’t seem desperate by responding right away.”

Combine that with how busy modern singles generally are with work, friends, hobbies, (and other matches!) and you are faced with a massive miscommunication problem. Continuar leyendo «Push Notifications: The Key to Turning your Matches into Dates»