Oh, Snap! 18 Websites That Pay Writers for LGBTQ Content

Oh, Snap! 18 Websites That Pay Writers for LGBTQ Content

That’s the response I usually got from family and friends when I talked about leaving my day job to become a full-time freelancer. So I put it off.

But after thee years as a smoking cessation counselor and researcher at Harvard Medical Center, I knew I needed to leave academia. The work was boring. The people were toxic. The egos were huge. And it never seemed like any of my patients ever quit smoking.

I did. So I started freelancing on the side. Within a year I took the leap and quit my day job. I’ve been freelancing full time for seven months, and I can’t imagine going back to a J-O-B.

Trying to find your niche? Some writers seem to have that dialed in from day one. It took me a little longer to figure out where to find good-paying clients. But what I’ve been able to accomplish as an LGBTQ writer in a short amount of time is proof that you can be a successful freelance writer in just about any niche.

Here’s the basics about how I found my niche, along with 18 websites that pay writers $50 or more per article for LGBTQ content.

Expand your niche to find more clients

When I got started, I thought I might be able to write exclusively about being a bisexual man, and the experiences of biphobia I’ve encountered from both straight women and gay men. Alas, while various editors loved the pieces, it was not something I could write 20 pieces about a month. This approach was a little too narrow, so I expanded my niche and started getting more work and making more money.

Now I write about gay sex. I found that many LGBTQ sites have a need for honest and personal pieces about sex and are willing to pay pro rates. Since I’ve found my niche, I’ve had no problem finding work consistently. Continuar leyendo «Oh, Snap! 18 Websites That Pay Writers for LGBTQ Content»