18 mind-blowing reasons why men in relationships go on dating sites!

18 mind-blowing reasons why men in relationships go on dating sites!

Online infidelity is widespread across the world. Though there’s one thing that stands out from the pattern: dating sites and apps are filled with taken men!

The research found that only on Tinder more than 42% of its users are either in a relationship or married.

Now that creates room for curiosity. Especially considering that most of these people in relationships or married that use dating sites are men.

1mitment issues.

He’s likely to choose ‘the ev easy way out’ instead of communicating. Hence, he relies on dating apps to find ‘his peace’ once things get rough within the relationship.

In this case, using dating sites can be his way-no matter how immature-of dealing with tough situations in the relationship.

2. He’s looking for someone else.

It’s a hard pill to swallow and it’s a harsh truth to face, however, most men that are in relationships that go on dating sites are looking for someone else.

They’re willingly choosing to create a dating profile, it takes a few steps, so they do have plenty of opportunities to opt out of the act.

Be it a solely sexual connection, another romantic partner, or someone to flirt with. They’re out there looking for someone else other than their partner.

3. Curiosity to know what’s out there.

A lot of men have confessed on the internet on platforms such as Reddit, Quora, and the like that one of the main reasons why they use dating apps is curiosity.

It’s just some curiosity. He doesn’t intend to see any of the people shown on his feed, he’s simply curious to know what is out there in the single realm.

This tends to be the case in long-term relationships that lose the spark along the way. Making him more likely to wander and see the ‘options’ of single men.

4. Immaturity.

An immature man tends to act upon his impulses and emotions right away. He’s not quite self-aware, nor does he think through his decisions.

5. Sexual frustration.

The sexual activity they desire to have doesn’t match the sexual activity they have in actuality, eventually, they become sexually frustrated. Continuar leyendo «18 mind-blowing reasons why men in relationships go on dating sites!»