The love of my life at the end of my life

The love of my life at the end of my life

A friend had recommended he sign up for online dating

People can also be at different stages when it comes to recommitting. “Post-marriage dating, I was not looking for a replacement,” says 63-year-old Nick *, a lawyer whose marriage broke up when he was in his 50s. “I didn’t want another life partner. I wanted to have my freedom, go out with different people. A lot of men re-partner straight away. They’re terrified of being on their own. For me, a big part of it was to get comfortable with myself.”

It’s the best relationship I’ve had

McCarthy met Marsh within weeks of signing up to a site, but she can see how easily it could have gone the other way. “The first ones who popped up [on the site] were awful. They were practically illiterate and they all had photographs of themselves with jet-skis or holding up big fish. Then this funny, quirky sketch came up of a man with green glasses … We met and that was it. Neither of us went out with anybody else.”

She still can’t quite believe her luck. “We’re so suited, it’s unbelievable. We’ve never had a cross word. Ever. It’s not all about passion and that stuff that’s so important early on. It’s about somebody who’s nice to you and cares about you, in every way. Considerate. I’d never had that. ”

For his part, Marsh admits he is one of those men who don’t cope well on their own. The retired architect, genial and articulate, balding and not as streamlined as McCarthy, is frank about the mess he became after his wife, Vicki, died. Continuar leyendo «The love of my life at the end of my life»